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FIFA 16 Full Patch For FIFA 14(FIFAXTREME)


Reserve Team
Luis_Figo;3924816 said:
Hey vickman ! Can i use some of your files on my Romanian League patch ? Would be timesaving to use your files like "kitnumbers" and such because they are already converted fully for FIFA 14 (work in-game). Of course, you will be at the credits ! Thanks in advance !

Ya sure :)


Reserve Team
I'm using v2 over a clean install of FIFA and Career keeps crashing at around December of the 3rd season (17/18)... Is this solvable?


Senior Squad
Vickman, i know its not really related to your patch, but i need a little help please. I converted FIFA 16 DB with Romania League patch for FIFA 14. I know how to convert, its not the first time (for FIFA 15 worked perfectly). The problem is that in-game in career i have only Free Agents from Free Agents team, and after transfer period, those disappear too... so, in winter there are no more Free Agents. If you can give me some input would be really helpful ! Thanks !

Nevermind. I used some of your files from 'dlc' folder, and seems that cmsettings.ini is what creates this issue. The free agents from Free Agent team are good in career mode now, the ones without team still aren't ingame but i think thats how the game is build.