FIFA 16 datax.big extraction [XBOX 360]


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Maybe someone can help me here on the community.

Long story short I want to tinker with code files that are inside the datax.big but my only way to do it is by using my Android phone for editing codes and FTPing stuff in and out of the Xbox 360.

I can't really use FinalBIG to extract the files from inside the datax.big because I dont have access to a PC.

I have uploaded it here:

Both datax.big and are there.

If maybe someone could please extract the files from it using FinalBIG, then rar/zip them and upload somewhere so I can grab it I would be so grateful.

The way I understand it if I put the loose files inside the Data folder and rename/delete datax.big the game will read from the folders instead, so that's what im aiming for.

Any assistance is appreciated!