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FIFA 16 Career Mode - Post Your Career Mode, and show us your Story :)


Senior Squad
The FA Cup final ..



Senior Squad
Really nice things to do when you are staring a new season in career mode is chancing kits, sponsors, adboards ect.. Example :)

If I can help anyone with this, just send me a pm :)



Youth Team
tips for realistic career mode, if you have any advice let me know.


* In divisions below first division you can only sell 2 players and buy 2 players per transfer window.
* In first division 3 entries and 3 exits per pass market, no more than that, the loans are free, but if they are loans with option to buy they count as an entry movement.
* Hiring free agents is optional, I don't usually do it, and I don't usually use homegrown players, I don't like fake players.
* Do not bring players that exceed the highest average you have in your team.
* Do not bring players that exceed the price of the most expensive player in your squad.

Signing Objectives.

* Bring in young players and sell them at a good price.
* To have a balanced team between experienced players (28 to 33), young players (16 to 24) and intermediate players (24 to 27).

Conditions to change your team.

* If your team has a budget of 20 M for example, at the time of leaving to another team leave your team with twice the budget, otherwise you can not leave the team to manage another team, or selection. It is updated with the budget of each season.


Only use to improve goalkeepers, defenders (CB,RB,LB,CBR,CBL,) and midfielders (MCD).

Objectives Career mode Road to glory.

* Be promoted to 1st in between the first 3 seasons.
* Among the first 4 seasons in 1st division to enter European competitions.
* within the first 6 seasons in 1st division win a cup.
* within the first 8 seasons in 1st division win a league.
* Manage a BIG team or a national team and reach the maximum success while you are there.

Career mode objectives Go back to glory

* Finish in the top 3 in your league
* in European competitions reach the semi-finals
* within the first 3 seasons win a cup
* within the first 4 seasons to win a league
* Win a champion
Plus : Win a Double
Extra Plus : Win a Treble
God Mode : Win a quintet or sextet.
Super God Mode : Triplete + World Cup.

With the permission of the creators I will upload my career mode with parma, with the only goal of becoming again a powerful team in europe, or at least respected.


Youth Team

Parma Calcio.

commonly known as Parma, is an Italian professional Football Club based in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, which competes in the Serie B, the second tier of Italian football.

Parma Football Club was originally founded in December 1913, while the current society dates back to 2015. The team has been playing its home matches in the 27,906-seat Stadio Ennio Tardini, often referred to as simply Il Tardini, since 1923

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-25 184508.png

Our Objective: TO RETURN TO GLORY.
Here begins this path by the hand of a historian such as Gianluigi Buffon.

DT Presentation.

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Senior Squad
I'm in my second year with Leeds United. I wanted to build a new big English club and Leeds got everything that's needed for it. Good budget, great stadium, big fan base and of course great team kits. My physiology was to start signing young players and invest in the youth system. I only bought Arkadiusz Milik as a panic buy on Deadline day because Piroe left to AS Roma for 20 million !

I didn't even win the EFL Championship in the first season, a second place with 112 points was enough to secure promotion to the highest level Premier League. After easy draws in the League Cup against AFC Wimbledon (5-1), Bristol City (2-1) and Sheffield United (1-1 won after pens) I drew Manchester United in the semi-final, after a long 0-0, Joël Piroe scored a late 1-0 that gave us a ticket to the final at Wembley.
In the final Manchester City was the whole game to strong but gave it away in the dyeing seconds. Our first trophy in this career..

This season is even harder and the League Cup and FA Cup was a drama.. Our European campaign isn't over yet after a 0-2 in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Conference League at Belgium side KRC Genk. The Premier League season has ups and downs, but 11th in the first season is not that bad for a new promoted side with mostly filled with players younger than 24.



Youth Team
Unfortunately we have not had a good start, and we run the risk of the fans believing that we are another of those legendary players who fail as coaches, although it should not be so, this is just beginning, and setbacks are normal in new projects.

jornada 1.png

jornada 2.png

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-27 205006.png

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-27 205237.png


Club Supporter
The images you upload of your stories in career mode are wonderful. Could you give me a link to have a pack of many stadiums and scoreboards please. I read that you can download one by one and map it manually but it takes a long time, I wanted to know if any pack is already mapped to download and play. thanks friends