FIFA 15 Demo Impressions


Youth Team
It's unbelievable that every time there's some problems with keyboard configuration or saving, they can't fix it! And force people to use their shitty Origin software!

Also the official system requirements are very much overrated.

The medium rendering quality level is missing from settings. Only Low and High are available.

Default camera settings suck.

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
Generally none of the games support 2 keyboards or mouse. But interestingly 2 mouse supports in SEGA Model 2 emulator if you enable raw input from emulator option. So, is it possible to enable raw input in FIFA too?


Club Supporter
FIFA 15 Demo! I was very impressed with the performance of the game and the added realism. Everything ran more smoothly than it did in the past, and the action felt more vivid than ever.