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Rickrd0;3738255 said:
Hi mate, Really great tool thanks for your time but your user's tutorial need to be more clear. In the first page there's 3 links for both version: origin & 3dm, each one have different stadiumserver.exe so I suppose that if I want scoreboard server then video server will not work?
Well I was trying with 3dm & video server but without result, always the tool doesn't have Home team ID, Stadium, comp & comp round ID.

If someone can help me with the correct setup would be really appreciated

These is my settings:


settings.ini in FSW folder

My Folder Structure:
C:\FIFA 14\Game\ScoreBoardGBD\Copa Liga\ui\game\overlays
C:\FIFA 14\Game\MoviesGBD\Copa Liga\movies
C:\FIFA 14\Game\MoviesGBD\Copa Liga\ui

hi sorry, i should be more clear,
u have the movie server so that is the best build of the exe, it has all three modules, the only thing u may be missing is the stadiums in the StadiumGBD and the scoreboards in the ScoreBoardsGBD.
if you are not getting any of the ids at the settings page then the tool is being blocked by something from reading the memory, check ur admin rights, av etc.....

looking at ur settings.ini i can see that you have an enrty under the [comp] which looks as though it is not correct, the [comp] is to assign a stadium to a compitition, looks as though u have tried to assign a scoreboard, ur best to remove that entry.

i will tonight upload the final version, which will include a once only download and now has both version (origin and 3dm loader) in the exe as well as the assignments buttons.

i will update the first page with the download links later on tonight
hopefully that will be easier to set it up.
included in the download tonight will be an extended help file which can be found by going to about>help on the file menu


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hi shawnminator. hope you're still reading this thread.

i'm using infinity's version of stadium server with origin fifa. it works 99% right. stadium graphics and preview load correctly, but stadium names are not loaded, nor in the settings screen, neither in the intro cutscene in the start of the game.

the version i have uses id 176 for the stadiums, so their name is always shown as "walstadion". i tried using your 1.0 version which uses id 158 and i have the same problem, the only difference is all stadiums loaded are named as "estadio de las artes".

i tried changing the home stadium names to the correct ones in the team edit option in game. it corrects the stadium names in the preview (settings screen before the game), but not in the opening cutscene.

is this a bug or it's just how the server normally works?

Tony Spike

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thfcjt9;3707515 said:
I have a problem, so when I tested it out, everything's fine and all that I hear the beep and stuff but the previews don't change plus when I get into the game it loads the generic stadium Estadio de las Artes id: 158

i have this problem, but mine has nothing to do with files being misnamed like this guys

thfcjt9;3707579 said:
Oh my God, I didn't even look to find out that the folder name was spelt wrong into the .ini file :facepalm: Now it works, just me being stupid that I haven't looked to spell the name right in the .ini file :facepalm:

all of my filess are setup correctly


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Shawminator, I installed Stadium server on my Fifa 14 v1.3.0.0 with 3dm loader. Everything looks good in game, but when I exit the game, I see in the stadium server a folder named "data" instead of the name of the stadium I played on and some temporary file below my stadiums which causes error when I try to rename the stadiums from the server menu. When I delete it, this function is ok, but still doesn't change the name of the "data" folder. If I start the game and try to play on one of the other stadiums I imported, it gives me the stadium which folder was renamed to "data".
Why is this happening? I have MW patch version 3.9.0, but I think it's not the one that is causing the problem.
Also sometimes when I choose teams or kits before the match the team logos dissapear and leave a bright green hexagons instead.
Please, my friend, give some suggestion what that all could be!


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Only in english language the tool works automatically. When I use a portugues language, is necessary to press F5 button.


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Anyone got this tool working?
All I get is a 4 second "EA" bade video before starting a match.
At what stage is the tool supposed to get home id numbers and such?

Here's a screenshot of the latest updates installed with jenkey's file loader and estadio dragao added...

Fifa infinity's tool doesn't display any IDs or give any beeps either.


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Anyone got this working with Giggis classic patch runner off a version of moddingway mod also but does not seem to work


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hi, i'm issues with stadium server 14, all seems ok but when i try the stadiums it shows the name, but stadiums are the generic ones, i use FIFA Infinity Patch 20/21 v300, My FIFA it's 3dm V1.0.0.1 and the 3dm version of stadium server, here's more illustartive pictures:
Captura de pantalla (326).png
Captura de pantalla (327).png
What can i do? thanks in advance!