FIFA 14 Mobile Body/Kit model extracted


Body/Kit model extracted from FIFA 14 Mobile.


Download: dropbox

.blend file saved in Blender 2.92. Extracted with QuickBMS scripts and my own tools.


Great will they be compatible with the pc version or you just extracted and need conversion
If you talk about FIFA14 PC - then it's not compatible. It's not compatible with any other PC game, but similar to some.
Any update? We need a new body model for fifa 14
What kind of update? The title says, it's an exported model from FIFA 14 mobile. There are no any updates planned.
fifa 14 mobil can you edit the bodies? do you do it in blender? Where are those files looks very good
You can edit the model itself, but there are no tools for importing it back to FIFA14 mobile.


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Hey bro,you could make a tutorial for convert faces Fifa 21 to 14 from PC ??
I want the faces like Bruno Jordão,Mésaque Djú,Campana,Solet,Saponjic,Fulgencio and others.
If you don't want to at least teach us please.
I beg.