Fifa 14 file loader and CM14?


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I am trying to edit a patch that was created using Jenkey1002's Fifa 14 file loader. As I found out everything that is related to the patch is now under Games\Fifa14mod, so I can load the files of interest (db and language files) from there. However of course now all the graphical stuff, like kits, faces etc. will not display in CM14, as it will still search for them under the locations in Games\.

Just copying everything from Games\Fifa14mod to Games\, removing the Fifa14mod.ini and the dsound.dll lead to a game that would immediately crash.

Now I'd really like to know: has anybody succeded in editing a patch created using the Fifa 14 file loader using CM14?

Or else: is there a way to use the patch without the file loader, i.e. move its files to their 'original' locations without getting the game to crash?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Mago Valdivia

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Just copy the files and folders you want to edit out of "Fifa14mod" and regenerate.
After you're done, take the files back to the "Fifa14mod" folder and regenerate again.