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FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter


Club Supporter
Hey arianos, do you think it would be possible to have a way to convert old FIFA faces (FIFA 08) to FIFA 14 faces. Of course polygons are much less in old FIFAs and that should be the first problem... I'm not interested in recovering old FIFA 08 real faces, but just use my captain tsubasa patch for FIFA 08 model faces, so that I can convert them to FIFA 14 instead of remaking them from scratch...
Any news? Have you done patch with Captain Tsubasa? Faces, or even rosters?


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Help how to install the plugin correctly to use it?


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Hello everyone. I wanted to change the texture of hair. Followed all instructions in this video:
But I have no texture files exported, only hair.rx3 and head.rx3.
Can someone help me? Maybe with Discord...


Club Supporter
Hello everyone. I wanted to change the texture of hair. Followed all instructions in this video:
But I have no texture files exported, only hair.rx3 and head.rx3.
Can someone help me? Maybe with Discord...


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Youth Team
Okay i think the time has come to indroduce some of the work i've made so far :D

So this year i decided to experiment with blender's python for reading fifa 3d files in the same analogy with the PES tools that were available all these years.

I started by importing faces, and piece by piece i managed to import whole stadiums, hair models, trophies models but also export textures from the rx3 containers, with MANY MANY MANY MANY various data formats.

The last few days i am trying to gather up all these different scripts in order to make an all-in-one Importer/Exporter for FIFA 14.

For now i have developed an overall importer (that may still need expansion though) and just today added an export option for head files.

Here is a preview:

And i need your opinion guys, would you be interested in an importer like this? Or should i just keep developing the exporter?
Also i want to hear your ideas for future additions in the addon.
And i'll need some testers in the near future :D

Okay thats all for now, waiting for your input.






v0.6x(propably the final layout)

FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter

Blender Script for Importing/Exporting FIFA 14 3D models in Blender.

  • Full rx3 importer (supports also compressed models)
  • Overwriter available for every model that can be imported. (Head,Hair models included and texture exporting is supported as well)
  • Export Support for Stadiums (light and crowd export supported)
  • Various tools for creating the necessary color maps and general face painting.
  • Various tools for creating and alligning the crowd object for stadiums.


Two brand new video tutorials describing as much as possible :D


You just install the FIFA3DIE.py from Blender. Goto User Preferences, then in the Addon Tab and search for the .py file. For enabling just check it.

You'll need Blender 2.67 or higher. The script should not have any problem with all 2.6 versions of Blender but for the record it was developed in 2.67b

Shawminator for Testing and Support.


version: 0.3alpha

-Added Importing support for Head Models, Hair Models, Trophy Models and Stadium Models
-Added DDS exporting support from every game texture file (Supported DDS type so far, DXT1, DXT3)
-Added Exporting support for Head Models.

version: 0.31alpha

-Fixed a module missing issue
-Fixed not loading base UV Maps

version: 0.4beta

-Added automatic texture importing and material assignment.
-Added more organized stadium import support including bounding boxes for the groups).
-Added Facegen obj importing capability.
-Added Hair Export support.
-Added More helping operators.
-Added more parametric importing options.

version: 0.5beta

-New naming convention that includes the file id in the object (or material) name.
-Import Support for Stadium Props.
-Import Support for Stadium Rebound Geometry.
-Import Support for Stadium Lights.
-Import Support for Crowd Placements.
-Various fixes in the material settings.
-Import Support for file types such as wipes,crowdchairs,ballboys,crowds and more.
-Added UV Export Support for Head and Hair models.
-New script logging system.

version 0.51

-Fixed issue with underscores in directory paths.
-Fixed Import issue with some hairs.

version 0.62
-Added better and more sophisticated crowd support.
-Added better and more sophisticated mesh support (Wipes support added).
-Added chunkzip compressed files support.
-Added Stadium Export Support. Textures Exporting is supported.
-Added Stadium Stadium Crowd Export Support.
-Added Helping tools for Mesh face coloring and crowd creation and tweaking.
-Fixed Facegen corrupted face export.

version 0.63
-Added Trophy/Ball Export Support.
-Fixed autopainting operator, with more options.
-General Overwriter available.
-Stadium Light Export support.
-Texture export support on the trophy/ball exporter and the overwriter (heads and hairs included).
-Added file security. You won't be able to re-import script-exported models.

v0.3alpha http://www.moddingway.com/file/37216.html

v0.4beta http://www.moddingway.com/file/37304.html

v0.5beta http://www.moddingway.com/file/37558.html

v0.51beta http://wwww.moddingway.com/file/37646.html

v0.62 http://www.moddingway.com/file/39187.html

v0.63 http://www.moddingway.com/file/39392.html
Links takes me here


Where IS the file???