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This tutorial will help everyone to make new screens and Backgrounds for FIFA 13

Tools Needed
1. FIFA File Explorer by Master Jenkey
2. Paint.NET(For conversion of DDS Files)
3. Adobe Photoshop
4. FshED[For editing the splash screen(Intro Screen)]

Ok lets start with the flash screen
download this splash.fsh file to edit the splash screen
download splash.fsh
You have open it with fshED.
In case you dont have it Download it fromhere

OK So lets get it started
1.Open FshED and click on the file option.
2.Open the splash.fsh file provided by me,the background inside the file will be shown.
3.Now click on tools and select Graphic Importer.
4.Open a pic or wallpaper of your choice and select the 'Update' option.
5.Click on save and you are done.
NOTE: Its better to import a .Png file with resolution of range 1024x512 to 1920x1080
Put your splash screen inside this folder and regenerate with CM13

Editing the Backgrounds
Select a wallpaper(higher resolution) of your choice to be shown in language selection screen.
1.Open it with Photoshop and edit it as you like.
2.After editing resize the pic to 1024x512 resolution
3.Now open that pic with Paint.NET and save it as a .DDS file.

Do the same steps for the background to be shown in "PRESS START OR SPACE" Screen but this time resize the pic to 2048x1024 resolution and save it as .DDS file with Paint.NET.

Now Download any background pack made by me and extract the files in it.
Inside the background folder there are two files Open the backgroundbootflow.big with FIFA File Explorer 12.
Scroll down and you will see two file name 2 and 4.
1. Right click on file named 2 and select "Import block from file" and import the .DDS file for language selection screen.
2. Click on the file named 4 and do as same with it(import the .DDS file for "PRESS START OR SPACE") Screen
3. Save it.
4.Now put those files inside game/data/ui/game/background folder and regenerate the game

For Editing the background in FIFA Menu
Open the file backgroundfifa.big with FIFA File Explorer and scroll down.
There will be a file named 2.
Import a .DDS file of your choice by right clicking on the file and selecting the option Import block from file.
Note: The background inside that .DDS file should have a resolution of 2048x1024
Save the file and paste it to game/data/ui/game/background folder and regenerate the game.
Its DONE Guyz!!!!!!!!!

For changing this pic

1.go to game/ui/imgAssets/banners/fifahub(if banners and fifahub folder are not present then create it)
2.pick up a wide pic of your choice and resize it to 520x150 with .jpg format and paste it inside the banners folder
3.Then rename the pic notfound
4.Regenerate the game and the pic will be available in game

If you guyz want to edit the career mode pics

You need this two files

1.To edit the pic of player career mode open the file cmintro_1.big with FIFA file Explorer
2.Make a pic of512x256 resolution and conert it into .DDS format with paint.NET
3.Right click on the file 2 and select "import block from file" option and import your .DDS pic and save it.
Note: only 318x222 resolution of your pic will be shown in game so put what things you want in 318x222 and blur the rest pixels

Open cmintro_2.big andFollow the same steps for editing manager's pic


Take any pic of your choice and resize it to 600x600 resolution. Rename it "FIFASetup" Without Quotes and follow the uppercase and lowercase charecters and paste it to this folder



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rahin2011;3385021 said:
Plzz make one for Chelsea FC...

i will surely make chelsea but later.
Currently i will finish
read madrid(all background)
manchester united
fc barcelona

after this i've to make arsenal and bayern .


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dzsi1991;3385522 said:
FIFA file exploler+photoshop.

i have used fifa file explore 12 and i opened the .big file. there are some files in it but there is nothing any backgroud inside the file. did i do somthing wrong?


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razvanultra55;3385568 said:
the file that u need to edit is in Game\data\ui\game\background

im so confused .i wanna change first wallpaper of fifa 13 that messi is inside it.but i dont know which file i should edit and how edit it. there is no tutorial:\


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navid-CR7;3385593 said:
im so confused .i wanna change first wallpaper of fifa 13 that messi is inside it.but i dont know which file i should edit and how edit it. there is no tutorial:\

Thats a big question to me too, i found every bacgkround, but this screen no...


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navid-CR7;3385616 said:
100% there is way. becuase he changed that

just wanna know how?????????:icon_spin:

i dont talk abaut the language select screen...i talk abaut the first screen in the game.