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Fifa 12 with fifa 14 things?


Club Supporter
Is there a patch made by someone with the fifa 14 's kits, transfers, players and more.....
I don t like fifa 14 i want to continue playing fifa 12 bec it s still better... :)


Senior Squad
rambisimos;3616439 said:
Is there a patch made by someone with the fifa 14 's kits, transfers, players and more.....
I don t like fifa 14 i want to continue playing fifa 12 bec it s still better... :)

Do you have FIFA 13?


Youth Team
If I recall correctly, FIFA14 boot models are 100% compatible with FIFA12: I managed to extract some boots from 14 (namely, the two vintage Predator pairs and the vintage F50 Tunit pair) and insert them into 12, and they work perfectly.
They don't show up in CM12 but it's the very least of my concerns.

The rx3 container of boot textures isn't, anyway, fully compatible with FIFA12. So you should extract the png files (texture, reflex and bump) from the FIFA14 container (there's only one file holding all the images) and insert them into the FIFA12 ones (there are two: one is for the texture, the other one is for reflex and bump) if you want them to be correctly shown ingame.
I'm confident this can be also done with kits, but I haven't tried yet (and probably I'm not going to, as I have my FIFA12 updated to the 2012 Euro and that's all).

If you're looking for a complete patch, then I'm sorry but never saw anything similar so I can't help you further :(


Club Supporter
I was wondering If the re was something with, all the transfers,ages,contracts, teams.
I'm not so interested in the graphics. I like mostly the gamepaly and the managment style :D


Youth Team
I have tried to convert the DB (I wanted to use it for friendlies with friends as we still prefer FIFA12 too), but it lacks a lot of names and stuff...
I also don't know how it will behave during a career as I'm not planning to play a career with it and I've not tested it.
But if you're interested in the players/promoted teams/transfers, it has all of them as it features the real tables of FIFA14 extracted from the game and converted to the FIFA12 format:

Of course it has a lot of flaws at the moment (many players have no boots, many have no face or hair, some teams have green and blue checkered kits because it "looks" for graphic files that just are not there) but it has the right squads, numbers, promoted/relegated teams, and the new leagues (even if many teams show no name ingame at the moment, I need to investigate it further).
Also, I cannot say what will be the impact of it to the gameplay as FIFA14 doesn't feature the tacticalawareness and perfconsistencytype fields that are present in FIFA12.
I've added the correct values for the players that had those values in FIFA12, I set them to 50 and 50 for the ones that hadn't.

So, if you want to try it, just remember that it's experimental and provided "as is"!
Also, feel free to modify/update it as you wish.