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Fifa 12 White Screen Bug - PLEASE HELP GUYS


Club Supporter
Hi. I know that it might be a bit cheeky to be asking for help with my first post, but I really am struggling and I am desperate.

I purchased and downloaded Fifa12 from Origin in November 2012 and enjoyed playing it.

However, I took a break from the game and tried getting back in to it about 4 weeks ago.

After the initial Load Screen (Language Select) when I press 'Play' the screen flashes black, then goes white. I can hear the EA start up (E.A. Sports - Its in the game) and then the game audio carries on, but the screen stays white. Basically all the audio but NO video.

I have looked through various pages on the net to try and fix this, with no joy. I have tried:

- A complete uninstall and re-install
- Disabling Origin In Game
- Ensured my DirectX is up to date (which it is - Version 11)
- Made the file replay0.bin (in documents> Fifa12> instance0> Right-click properties on replay0.bin) read-only.

Can anyone please help me out with this. It might be something simple that I am not doing, but I am just getting more and more annoyed!

Also, most of you guys have probably moved away from Fifa 12 to either 13 or 14, but I really like Fifa 12 and obviously am slightly worried about spending more money on the updated games in case they do not work.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and regards