Fifa 11 Regenerator by Iard68!!!

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Hi guys, tired of having problems with the game not reading your changes because you did not delete the reference from bh?
Tired of writing codes for fifafs?
That's the solution:


If you let the default option in the middle of the tool, the tool will make the job for you of deleting every reference from bh files of all the files he finds you have in subfolders, so that those are read and not the original files in .big files.
In the example of the screenshot, for example, the tool is deleting the reference of my edited Atalanta kit!
If instead you want to restore back things with the game reading .big files you just have to use the second option.

So have you made a kit and do you want to distribute it?
Just put the rx3 files with all the subfolders in a zip and tell users to run this tool after having copied the file and you are done!

Enjoy :D

AUTHOR: iard68 (FifaMania member)

Thanks to:
-fifafs tool...


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Sorry, but i had any chance to test it on vista before.
But this issue is easy to solve with your help, or the help of anyone
handy this operating system.

In order to make it working, i have to know the exact reg key on where fifa11 stores install informations on Vista systems. Yuo can find this info by browsing regedit and searching for easports fifa11 installdir key; save it and please send it me ([email protected]) as .reg or .txt or as you want! As soon as I can get this information
i will release a new version Vista compatible.

And... this must be very useful also for next tools i have in mind to release in the coming months... and perhaps there will be something interesting for the community!