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FIFA 11 Real Performance Optimizer (Real Solving to Any Lags) - Doctor+ Productions

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
ledatcr2;2991122 said:
Great Patch! Fidel, is it compatible with Monkey Dragon's Camera Patch?

yes bro!!!
....full compatible with Monkey Dragon's Camera Patch!!!!

thanks to everyone!!!
special thanks to bulkan for support!!!


Youth Team
I'have a 3d card with 512mo its an 7300 nvidia is this patch will improve the lag i have sometimes during game? Is this compatible with the uptates in new official patch!!


Club Supporter
when i68Regenerator run,it ask me to select the fifa12 folder.Is the main folder or the GAME folder??


Club Supporter
i am really thankful to you .............
no lag at max settings.......
but i have a problem.........
all my sqauds ii had updated using regenerator are gone......
Can i regenerate again for the squads .??? will this remove the patch ?


Club Supporter
Would you guys be interested in ratings for Fifa? Voobly current has support for Fifa but no one plays there. Voobly would consider adding ratings to their client in the community would play there.

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Download my perf opt from viktoristus link! It works!
Or made manually the optimizer (platform.ini), check tips on first post!

Merry Christmas to everyone! :biggrinx:


Club Supporter
Can anyone upload this file again or how can i edit it manually?I tried to open data0.big but I couldn't read what it includes.It has random,different words.Norton detected spyware in viktoristus's link.