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[FIFA 11]First team patch ever,let's test it!


Youth Team


Vancouver Whitecaps FC patch by FIFAEXPLORER VANNUCCHI

Rinaldo for DB Master 11
Jor1980 for FIFA 11 Textures Editor
regularcat, G2000, darkvajo, Generic Oval
nentautako for your reply and advices
RobbieD_PL and Don TM for your tests!

1, Add FIFA 11 only hidden team
Vancouver Whitecaps FC to Rest of World.
2, Add FIFA 11 only free player
Canadian GK John Smith to captain the team.
3, Add links to National Stars as Edurado and Veron,
now you can sign them in manager and other mode.

X:/FIFA 11/Game/data/
data0.big and data0.bh files
2, Open DB Master 11 and exact db file.
3, Cover the db file in Game/data/db folder.


Download V2:


no offense, but usually you would be the one to test it in game, & if stable then release the patch.

a team patch is a bit different from an editing application such as rinaldo's or md's.


Starting XI
how do u assign it to a specific league ?

is the only step im missing to start creating as I have teams tables done already


Starting XI
RobbieD_PL;2946056 said:
the patch doesn't work for me, it crashes at the minikit stage :(

be more careful on installing patches now. fifa11 is very fragile, vulnerable. even you have the original DB, crashes is unavoidable. i dont think to patch my fifa11 even the CM11 final is released. i'll wait the patch from EAsports now.

Don TM

Youth Team
For those who have problems with the Patch, open the DB with DbMater 11 and add a new entry into the formations table.

I copied an existing 4-4-2 formation and changed id to somewhat higher then 617 and team ID to 101112 (Vancouver). Now it works fine for me. :) Hope you understand what i mean.

Is it possible, that next to the Whitecaps the Portland Timbers (the other Team joining MLS 2011) is already in game too? :)


Youth Team
as a beta 1 version of DB master can not copy and paste, i manually typed
a 4-1-2-1-2 formation to this team, but i forgot about the team id assigned
this may caused some saving bugs, however it works since beta2. (H)

Thanks for all of your comments, finally everything goes well, let the screens alone! cheers! (Y)


Senior Squad
These definitely are the real players are they ?? Patch worked fine, but i dont believe that, that is the squad........I managed to put Joe Cannon in the team.....


Youth Team
Vancouver Whitecaps in ROW? They should be in the MLS...

(I know - putting them there may require modding the MLS league structure...)


Senior Squad
MKDAWUSS;2966803 said:
Vancouver Whitecaps in ROW? They should be in the MLS...

(I know - putting them there may require modding the MLS league structure...)

I successfully added them into MLS by changing their league id :dance: