Fifa 10 Scoreboards in Monkey Dragon "Scoreboards and TV Popups"


Club Supporter
Good evening , i have created some scoreboards for fifa 10 , to use them in FIFA 10 you can use File Manager 10 and import them but...appear crashes and errors and each match you have to change with File Manager 10 it's boring this way. The other way is to use "Monkey Dragon Scoreboards and TV Popups" but you have to place every scoreboard in a folder with the same name as the scoreboard . In that folder apear some files : A *.txt file , a *.log file , a *.JPG image and the scoreboard to23_s.fsh . All clear untill now , the question is : What software/programs or methods to use to insert the scoreboard file in that folder with the rest of the files ??? Please help me in this matter and if i do it i will upload all the scoreboards ( the folder with all the files as a rar or zip archive ) for you to place and use in "Monkey Dragon Scoreboards and TV Popups" for FIFA 10 , Thank you ! :)