FIFA 10 on Windows 11 Color Problem


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Hi everyone,

I am a big fan of retro FIFA games - hopefully someone still plays FIFA 10, sees this thread and knows a solution to my problem!

I recently upgraded to Windows 11 (via virtual Windows machine, Parallels Desktop 17, on my new Macbook Air M1). I installed FIFA and wanted to jump in a game, but the gameplay has a weird pink screen / over exposure issue (see image attached). The weirdest thing about it: The menus look completely fine! It's just the gameplay thats unrecognizable.

So far I tried the following:
- All variations of starting FIFA 10 in Compatibility Mode
- All kinds of graphics settings in FIFA 10
- All kinds of graphics settings in Parallels Desktop 17
However no luck for now. Does anyone have another suggestion what I could do to get the normal FIFA 10 gameplay back? Could it be an issue involving DirectX?

Looking for any kind of suggestion.



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