FIFA 10 is coming to Ipod

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Reserve Team said:
Electronic Arts is bringing some of its biggest franchises to the iPhone.

Travis Boatman, VP of worldwide mobile studios at EA Mobile, on Tuesday confirmed games including the snowboarding title SSX and the strategy game Red Alert for the device.

Also in the works are FIFA 10, Madden 10, NBA Live, American Idol, The Sims, Need for Speed, Spore and more.

During his lecture at GDC Mobile, Boatman for the first time demonstrated a live, playable version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour for iPhone. Players utilize the touch screen to hit the ball, and can also add english to the ball as it flies through the air.

In addition, EA recently released a version of Scrabble that is integrated with Facebook. Users can play the game with people on their friends list.

All the games are due in 2009. We'll have more from Boatman and GDC Mobile.