FIFA 10 Events all over Europe

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Expect new information on FIFA 10 to come very soon!

According to twitter entries by David Rutter and Luke Didd, there will be a large number of FIFA events in Europe, the next days. This will properbly be the first time pc gamers get some first screenshot and deeper information. Starting on June 22nd there will be presentations in...

Paris 22nd June
Milan 26th June

More detailed information will obviously follow the next week.
So keep your eyes open and stay tuned!

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Luke Didd said:
It is true that I'm heading to Europe next week to begin a tour where I'll be showing FIFA 10.

Following completion of the tour, you should expect to see lots of news, screenshots etc.

Get on twitter and follow the tour as it unfolds

Search for diddie and add me.


I also added the dates for some of the events (thx to Tavano).