FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation


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Hmm very nice screens there, but you going to need more players than just Oliver Kahn :p

Maybe you would be better off making your own thread, you'd get much more exposure than in just a single post. (Y)

But for a game in progress that looks great, keep up the great work. :rockman:

btw, is that the Allianz Arena? and does the tv screen follow the movements of the game?


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They should improve the Classic XI to add players like: Lev Yashin, Bobby Moore, Diego Maradona, Pele, George Best, Garrincha, Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Bobby Charlton, Alfredo di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas.... All the true greats. The only people I'd put on my Classic XI on there at the moment is Beckenbauer and Baresi (maybe more but I can't remember). I don't understand why they don't have players like Maradona and Pele on there already.


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fifa o8 has to have celebrations at the end of a final
greek superleague as well as more stadiums from england france italy greece,..dynamic wheather conditions(snow,fog,rain,sunny,cloudy,put in some humidity or cold.make realistic pitches.i m tired of waiting for improvements that are not very important...its time to make the difference and do th BIG-BANG........AT LAST!


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It would be nice if : During the manager mode, we can take a look on other leagues than only the league we're playing in. also look who's topscorer in other leagues etc...


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Thanks for the reply RobbieD_PL,

Yeah, there will be lots more players, but the limitation is that I can't use their real names or exact likeness due to the licensing stuff.

Also yeah, that's the Allianz (same thing, can't call it like that), and the monitors can show any of the 18 cameras at any time, so the replays can appear in there and everyhting. Also, the cameras smoothly follow players (first, second, third person, floor level, etc), the ball at different heigths, zoom in and out on them, sky, sideline. etc etc, there's complete freedom, something I havent' seen on F07 or WE.
I also plan to allow for easy player and team creation, of course. That way you can create the real teams and maybe share them.
And you should also be able to put your face as a player, that's a must!!

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it would be cool to see the top 25 teams form south america (no brazilians, or boca and river included in this) and mainlythe top 70 NT's in the world . And better tricks


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I would like to see some emotions involved. Like if a game is tied at 0-0, 1-1 or something like that and there isnt much time left. Then when a player scores a goal in the last minutes everbody goes crazy...! Also if its a final or a Derby match... Now (Fifa07) its the same if you score the 1-0 goal or the 10-0 goal.


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And PLEASE put in a 2 player career mode. Like in 2003. The one thing that beats winning the league. It is winning the league over a freind...!


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To be able to have a 'second team' for the easy games like cheltenham in the league cup, it's a pain changing your best squad to give players a rest. If you could automaticly chage to your second team with your more inexperienced players in it, without chaning each player one by one that would be great, and save valuable time!!!!


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Fifa 08

I would like to see a more real arena, like when you see players in real life shoot the ball the ground takes damage. To see a more beaten arena would be cool.

More drama when it´s like 1-1 and its 1min left and you score a goal the crowd goes wild and playes are goin mad. And this affect could also be in a important goal in a final match.

More pictures, atleast on the national teams. I think it´s 3 pictures of swedish players.

Please let us use the Xbox 360 camera to make charecters.

Let players be able to cheat like dive, so it becomes more real.

Also add dribbles, so you can use the real good players otherwise there is no diffrents beetwen a tot:61 and a 90

Thank you for reading this


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Flinet;2285645 said:
I would like to see a more real arena, like when you see players in real life shoot the ball the ground takes damage. To see a more beaten arena would be cool.

More drama when it´s like 1-1 and its 1min left and you score a goal the crowd goes wild and playes are goin mad. And this affect could also be in a important goal in a final match.

More pictures, atleast on the national teams. I think it´s 3 pictures of swedish players.

Please let us use the Xbox 360 camera to make charecters.

Let players be able to cheat like dive, so it becomes more real.

Also add dribbles, so you can use the real good players otherwise there is no diffrents beetwen a tot:61 and a 90

Thank you for reading this

Yes your idea is good and I must add to make manager(caerer) mode more realistic.

And I have one idea- To be maked new type of caerer, where you are a single player and make caerer with playing for different teams, but you are just one player on this team. I think this will be wery interesting ;)

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don't limit the PS3 to 360. There's enough disk space to have same amount of teams and upgrades for PC or PS2 and still maintain HD graphics and good gameplay.


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When are EA going to put White Hart Lane onto the game??? They are a huge club and their stadium has rich history and would be a great addition to the franchise... Get with it EA

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i think zola and shearer should be on the legends team and that u should be able to unlock a legend for your team that used to play for your team that never retires in season mode.


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In Fifa 08 they should firstly involve proper use of cup names, like Champions League instead of ECC, Uefa instead of EFA, etc. Then they should consider using realistic cup draws like LMA manager.

They should also involve the transfer updates like LMA, for instance when you buy someone like Ronaldinho, it shows him and the manager lifting up his shirt like they do in reality. Also they should involve a dive button, but not too obvious, basically if your yards away from a defender and you dive it'll be quite stupid, the dive button should be used when your side by side with a defender. Also in manager mode, they should involve real youth academy, like proper youth from the real teams, and also realistic managers, like wenger, mourinho etc.

thats all i have :bob:


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Career- Manager
1. Main page should be set up like a club website homepage

2. Team news page. (View news headlines from around the league or news for your club

3. Include Marketing or Promotions under Office section

4. Receive revenue for jerseys and merchandise sales

5. Revenue determined on level of marketing

6. Have staff upgrades for a marketing manager

7. Choose team sponsor from official in game sponsors

8. Sponsor to appear on the teams jersey

9. Choose make of jersey (Nike, Adidas, Umbro, etc.) and choose style

10. Adidas will have different styles than Nike or Umbro

11. Jersey manufacturer to appear on jersey

12. Lower clubs negotiate with lesser sponsors and so on

13. When promoted from lower division to Premier League for example, the arm patch changes. Same for European matches

14. The ability to edit and view jerseys every season. A team won’t use the same jersey for 15 years.

15. Customize game kits. Ex: Red Jersey, White Shorts, Black Socks or Red Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Socks or White Jersey, White Shorts, Black Socks. So many possibilities

16. Stadium Editor- Ability to change name of stadium. Instead of UK division 3 style, name it “Superdome Stadium”

17. Instead of buying new stadiums, you add additions to your existing one to create more capacity. Add blocks of seats, luxury boxes, offices and levels. In turn you will increase your match revenue

18. Ability to select type of pitch and pay for pitch changes when needed

19. Ability to view the stadium: sort of a stadium fly around

20. Add sponsors to the sideline boards. Ex: team sponsors, other sponsors, promotions (custom created ads)

21. static boards for smaller stadiums and choice of static or scrolling for larger stadiums

22. Set ticket prices. Not just high and low, but determine how many pounds per seat and determine the prices for each section

23. Ability to name your staff members and select their look just like selecting the manager. Ex: Lead Financer, Lead Scout, Lead Caretaker, etc.

24. When you get a staff upgrade, you don’t get a whole new person, the upgrade goes towards the staff members stats.

25. Ability to see what is happening in other leagues- For example, have a link called and from there the user can view all the leagues to see how each team is doing

26. Be able to see league leaders from other leagues

27. Player of the Month and Year Awards

28. Manager of the Month and Year Awards

29. Footballer of the Year Award

30. Determine length of a loan spell

31. Swap deals for players and cash

32. UEFA Licscensing. Probably not going to happen when the arrival of the new Champions League Game

33. Champions League and UEFA Cup finals to be played in random stadiums throughout Europe every year. Ability to customize the list of stadiums.

34. League theme music for Premiership and other leagues. I know the Premier League one used to be there.

35. Champions League and UEFA Cup music as well

36. At the beginning of the season, select your favourite international team.

37. You don’t just manage your club team, you also play as the International team

38. Play their friendlies and qualification games

39. Complete control over all off season duties, play a complete off season

40. Play in World Cups and Continental Cups every year they are available

41. Start a training camp for all players (Senior, Reserves, Youth)

42. Pick your team

43. Send rest to Reserves and Youth

44. Youths and Reserves can get injured during their games and the senior team is notified

45. Call up as needed

46. Have staff upgrades for youth system coach

47. Have the option of a pre season tournament or tour. Choose a tournament format, number of teams, continent or country and name the cup or play a pre set tournament. You could also take a country tour and play teams from that country. Ex; take Manchester United on a North American tour and select your opposition and number of games

48. Kind of like Create a tournament inside of career mode

49. Rewards for completing pre season tournaments and tours

50. Club World Cup Tournament for Champions League winners and equivalents

51. Fixture editor- Create your own fixtures list. Move games around etc. This would allow a user to copy their team’s real life fixtures or simply move fixtures around so you don’t end up with a cup game and season game on the same day or same weekend

52. Trophy Room- View all your awards in one giant (or small) room. Kind of like a tour

53. Milestones- keep track of manager’s tournament records and not just their season records. I want to know how many games in total I played in a season and over my career. Special bonuses for things like 100th, 500th, 1000th game in charge.

54. Reward Ideas- The store is a great place to get rewards, but some just aren’t worth playing for. Here are some things I would like to play for. New boots, new leagues, new tournaments, new teams, new cups, new game modes, club specific footballs, new sponsors, new players (classic players), any thing that creates incentive to keep playing

55. Longer and more elaborate celebrations when you win a cup. Different ones as well. A 1 min celebration is never enough. I want to feel that I really accomplished something special

56. Scouting reports for teams in your league. See who’s hot who’s not and who’s injured

57. Player watch list- Send out a scout to look for new talent. Keep an eye on them and watch their development over the years

58. Real player pictures for in game menus

59. The ability to set up Charity or Testimonial Matches throughout the season and choose the squads. Ex: Manchester United vs. European XI or Manchester United vs. Celtic

60. The ability to name the matches. Ex: Roy Keane Testimonial

In Game

1. Score in top corner to reflect the league you are playing in. Ex: Premiership, Bundisliga, French Ligue 1, Champions League, FA Cup, etc.

2. More of a TV style opening presentation and to be league specific to create that certain atmosphere. Atmosphere is the hardest thing to recreate. It’s all in the little details.

3. Updated commentary

4. Hostility Meter- Raises with bad calls, viscous tackles, cards, etc. Starts higher for rivalries. Ex: Man United vs. Arsenal would start with a high intensity as opposed to Liverpool vs. Tottenham. That’s not to say the rivalries can’t be created. If a game starts tame and then gets very physical and ends on a high note, the next game between the two clubs would start on a higher level of hostility whether it is a cup game or a league fixture. Once the level gets to about 90%, things will start flying onto the pitch. You want to avoid getting to 100% though because the clubs may be fined for their part. It’s not to say that both clubs would be fined. If one team is out of control and the other is playing responsible football, only one team may be charged. If this happens too many times during the course of a season, a team could see a deduction in points next term, relegation or even a ban from European Play for a season. The object then becomes to play a fair responsible game of football, but
that doesn’t always happen.

5. In Game ticker- gives updates on games happening at the same time you are playing as well as games that have already been completed that day. If you need 3 points to overtake Arsenal for the league lead and a ticker pops up saying they are losing to Chelsea, you know you best win the game to take top spot.

6. More injuries- Injuries don’t only happen during a tackle, they happen when players jump for the ball and clash heads or come down on their ankle wrong. They happen when players block shots. Goalies get injured when they charge for the ball and a player doesn’t stop or when they dive for it and come down on their shoulder. There are so many more possibilities. I don’t like to see injuries, but they are a big part of the game and they give your reserves and youths a better shot at the senior team.

7. Players on pitch to be speaking and shouting in the language of their country

8. A pop up during the game should show how many people attended the match

9. Villain rating- If an away player makes a crunching tackle on a home player, every time he touches the ball, he gets jeered. So players may play better when getting jeered and some might just want to leave the pitch.

10. More elaborate Manager History- Keeps track of which teams you have played and beaten. Who your rival teams are. Total matches in charge.

11. The ability to make substitutions on the fly. It is a pain to have to stop the game, go to the menu, select your players, swap them, go back to the menu and then restart the game. It would be nice if you could press the select button or something and have a little window pop up with a list of names you could scroll through. You could do it anytime during the game or a cut scene.


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Jersey Closet- Every time you beat an opponent, their jersey goes into your jersey closet. I guess its equivalent to swapping jerseys at the end of the game. For Example: If you were to beat Manchester away, their red jersey would go in your closet and if you were to beat them at home, their white jersey would go in your closet. Since you can choose which jerseys they wear at the beginning of the game, you can determine which jersey you get if you win. There could be rewards for collecting jerseys. Collect a jersey from every premiership team and you get some sort of bonus. You can also view your closet at anytime to see which jerseys you have collected and figure out which ones you need. Some of the bonuses could be retro jerseys or something.