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FIFA 08 website, up and running


Reserve Team
Check out on:



Key Features

Manual Controls — Dictate the play with new manual controls for through-passing
and crossing. Control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny the striker
yourself. Use the right-stick to quickly switch to the exact player you want to
control when defending.

Be A Pro: Co-op Season — Take on the role of a professional footballer,
create your own player and test yourself in one position for an entire season.
Master positioning, improve your attributes and develop into an elite player.
Co-operate with up to three friends fixed to their player on the same team, but
compete with those same friends on individual challenges. All performances are
tracked through detailed statistics to determine who really is a pro.

Custom Formations — Design your own unique strategy to create the perfect
formation and tactics. Set each player's exact position in the formation, and assign
specific attacking and defensive runs to unlock the opposition.

Enhanced AI — New defensive and positioning logic requires greater tactical
expertise to break down the opposition New AI ensures players are in the right place
at the right time. Player and team traits differentiate the stars.

Manager Mode Improvements – New features include pre-season friendlies
to test your team before a campaign, new training options to hone your squad of
players and dynamic board expectations that change depending on your successes
… or failures.

Online Football Clubs (PlayStation®2) — Form your own group of like-minded
football fans to take on all challengers online and create a Football Club. Gain status
among the online community by helping your Football Club climb the rankings. Win
more points based on the importance of the match, like playing Interactive Leagues
or challenging other Football Clubs to a grudge-match tournament.

Share Replays (PC) – Now you can save and show-off your best games
or just the highlights! It is easy to capture a game or key moments and export
as a video file to share with your friends and foes. Brag about match-winning
plays and goals or even capture the entire ninety minutes to relive your favorite

Complete Authenticity – Featuring 30 leagues, 30 real stadiums and 14,000
players all accurately recreated.




Reserve Team
FIFA 08 Next Gen key features! ;)

Here are the key-features of the next gen version of FIFA 08:

Key Features

Clinical Finishing — A true next-generation ball-striking engine calculates
shot success by combining an almost infinite number of different contexts, including
ball spin, pressure from defenders, player attributes, and even air pressure to recreate
the drama and unpredictable nature of shooting.

Intelligent Soccer -- Now featuring AI with a 35-point decision engine which
enables players to process 1,000 potential options and reactions every second in
real time -- more than 60,000 options every minute -- via a dynamic ‘Threat Map’
system to capture the excitement and realism of soccer.

Be a Pro: Offline Training — Think and react like a real professional soccer player.
Play the entire game as a fixed player while getting real time feedback and analysis on
the fly. A unique camera angle keeps both player and action in focus, zooming in when
you’re on attack.

Pro Skills — A new, organic building-block system enables you to combine tricks
and skill moves together to recreate signature moves from the real-world superstars or
define your own style of play. Animations can be interrupted at any time to transition
into a new move, just like real life.

Manual Controls — Dictate the play with new manual controls for through-passing
and crossing. Now use the right-stick to quickly switch defenders and choose exactly
who you want defending, when you want him.

Online Leagues – Create and organize your own multiplayer Friends Leagues and
tournaments with all the tools in-game.

EA SPORTS™ Interactive Leagues: – Represent your club online against your rivals
throughout the season in the F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League or
Mexican 1st Division. Features weekly in-game pod casts by the development team.

Video Upload: Capture your best goals and highlights in-game and bring them
online for the world to see. Upload your highlights to the FIFA 08 website to create the
ultimate highlight reel to prove the stories you are telling your friends are all true. Because
without the footage, it’s fiction.

Real World Soccer News — Receive up-to-the-minute soccer news and podcasts
from media outlets, including ESPN SoccerNet.

Complete Authenticity — Dramatically more authentic and exhilarating with 620 licensed
teams, 30 official leagues, and more than 15,000 players.

Tournament Mode – Play 60 tournaments, including 35 officially licensed ones, or create
one of your own.


Senior Squad
I have planned not to buy fifa this year but i think i will change my mind:p
All the new features sounds great.


Reserve Team
wow soo Xbox 360 version has ALL licensed leagues and sh* , damnn didnt last year they have only like 14 or somehthin


Senior Squad
Theodorakis;2379425 said:
it always sounds great but when the game arrives you realize that it`s crap.. lets only hope not this time.

That kind of comment is sooo old! 3 years ago you'd be right, but FIFA 07 was not crap.


Club Supporter
fifa 07 next-gen was very rushed... they left to much out of the game

Like the english cup final wasn't played at wembley or millenium, third kits were missing, the championship wasn't in it. League cup was missing aswell


Club Supporter
shouldn't there be some more news,after all the demo will be out on august 27th...
and their last news is a month old... every year, ea manages to disappoint me more and more...


Club Supporter
bobinho22;2380557 said:
shouldn't there be some more news,after all the demo will be out on august 27th...
and their last news is a month old... every year, ea manages to disappoint me more and more...

EA just does not care about us, players. Something must be done! Something drastic! WAR EA, WAR!!!


Club Supporter
FIFA 08 Demo

When will the demo for the PC version be out??? I would like to see that one first, before I by the actual game.


Reserve Team
@ bobinho22
@ BruceLeefan

Guys don't you see what's happening? Every year EA Sports keeps talking and giving news and hopes to everybody before launching a new FIFA title, and at the end they deliver a great game but not as they keep promising in news ad previews; but this year it seems that it'll be different! I think that they've -finally- realized that us gamers do not want talks and promises, we simply need a game that will blow our minds away.

So, I think that this year for the first time since 5 or 6 years, EA sports is going to bring us the best FIFA in a long time.

Don't ask for news from EA Sports. let them take their time and give us something good and satisfying. :)