FIFA 07 Stadium Checklist 2011


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Has anyone got any Israeli stadiums for FIFA, I know there must be some because the old Israel website used to have some?


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Bobscratchit;3141756 said:
hey Tha_Trxth can you take a look at this stadium and see if it can be converted? its the oita stadium in japan
u can download it here
This one have way too many sub-headings, it's impossible to convert it.


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Hey! Habra alguien que tenga el TSM (Territorio Santos Modelo (Santos, Mexico))?

Hey! Somebody have the TSM (Territorio Santos Modelo (Santos, Mexico))?


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spurs81;3141921 said:
Do you know where there are any for either FIFA 07, FIFA 08 or FIFA 09? FIFA 10 stadiums aren't easy to convert.
All links I knew are dead, but I found Vinter stadium made for fifa 06 on my pc.
Maybe it can be useful.
P.S. Could you reconvert Arena National (Romania) with crowds?:innocent_smile_1:


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darco76;3142652 said:
This is link to the Israeli stadiums that I found on my disc. They are to Fifa09.

I have also other stadiums to Fifa09
Thats fantastic mate, thanks! :)

Any stadiums you have that aren't on the list of stadiums from pages 1-3 of this thread would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I have all the ones listed, just need to add a few links to some of them from page 1. But I know there are some we've missed and its only going to benefit the FIFA community if we can create the ultimate collection of stadiums created.