FIFA 07 (PC) Multi-Language


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Hello guys,

My name is Ibsen and I've been playing FIFA 07 for a good while, but I had some issues when it came to switching languages (especially commentary)

I'm Brazilian and I always liked FIFA 07 commentary in Portuguese but when I installed the program to install the Brazilian Portuguese language I always ran into the same issue:

I could play the game only in Portuguese and could no longer put the game in either English or Spanish

And after years getting this issue I finally solved it

I put the database files in the folder (\EA Sports\FIFA 07\data\cmn\fe)


And then I edited the locale.ini in the folder (\EA Sports\FIFA 07) to activate the BRP (Brazilian Portuguese) and MEX (Mexican Spanish) languages


And when I opened the game....


If you got any questions you can send it towards me