FIFA 07 360 Footage


Youth Team
wow it looks unreal!

The graphics are beautiful and the animations flow together seamlessly. I know it's hard to discern gameplay from a movie, but from what I can see FIFA 07 is shaping up to be the best football game to date. In my opinion the game looks much much better than the 360 footage of the dissapointing and unimpressive next-gen PES (even though those PES fanboys will never admit it). The thing that really interested me was the new physics-driven engine that was showcased in the beginning segment with Ronaldinho. The way he turned and the way the animations blended together were two great improvements :Bow:


Starting XI
it's official, EA have just gone and screwed over Konami! No way does PES look as good as that, or look better animated. And now FIFA 07 looks like it plays amazing. They even had Ronaldinho's celebration (and it will be in there!!!). The way he moves when you see him on 1-v-1 with the keeper is just like him, plus that shot he takes that goes wide looked VERY natural and realistic, including the shot that goes in, very realistic. I can imagine scoring goals will be very very rewarding! But holy sh!t those graphics are INCREDIBLE! And again, those animations, well.....first time a footy game has made me look twice just for animations, I'm not usually too fussed, because I always believed animation didn't affect the emotions of the game, but in this case it does and it's looking superb :wootman: Very impressive, and to think this is a FIFA game from EA SPORTS!! They usually love the elastic football. but in this case it's looking the most realistic football game out there.

I'm excited to play this on 360! Footy video games are the only games I play now, so this looks like I'll be sorted until fifa 08 haha.



Reserve Team

EA has spanked Konami in the ass and the face and everywhere. hahahahahahaha.

What an amazing video. The players animations are insane. The movement and the best of all the ball movement, it is unbelievable! For 1 second my brother laughed and said: "I thought that was real".

What can I say more?? I love EA now :D



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Youth Team
WTF - Martin Tyler is commentating in this video, but in all the current-gen videos it is the same guy as last time - does this mean Martin Tyler is only commentating on next-gen versions, or are they going to put him on current-gen as well???

Maybe there will be two different sets of commentators?


Youth Team
I don't know why you already can tell it is such a great game. It looks nice, but the animations seem a little too fast for me to look realistic. I'll have to see more before I go as mad as you fanboys (which you obviously are).