Fifa 06 problem


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Hi All,
I use Windows Vista Home edition, Demon Tools 4.09 for emulation.
The problem is, when I start Fifa 06, navigation between buttons is done automatically in continuous loop manner. I'm not able to select anything on my own.
Like for example, when I want to select "English" as the language, the options given there keep themselves hiliting that I cannot select anything.
I was using the same emulation & installation files for Windows XP with Demon tools 3.7. It was running without a problem then.
Have anyone faced any unique problems like this?? Whats the solution??



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mee too

i too have the exact same problem...

its like the controller on my computer is jammed and i cannot do anything about it...

any ideas, or did you get yours fixed??


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I just skimmed this but this was an extremely common problem with '06.

EA put out a patch to fix it. I'm sorry I do not have the link but i think the downloads centre on has it, try to search for the EA patch on the '06 forum here too. I wish I could do more.

In this case I don't think Vista is related to the issue.