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FIFA 06 Online - EA Sports Expanding Research Community - Apply Here


Senior Squad
EA sent us the following email today. If you're interested in getting involved with their research community read below:

<i>"EA SPORTS are once again in the process of expanding their football data and reference research efforts. They are looking for knowledgeable football experts who have the time and dedication needed to edit and collect data/reference material related to their favourite club.

Do you feel you know more about your team than your club's Manager? Could you tell your mates how many games your centre back played last season and which foot he prefers to hit the ball with? Are you constantly keeping track of the transfers and youth prospects at your club? If you fit this description then please keep reading.

Not only do you have to have a football brain, but you must have an interest in data editing. Experience with editing data for football video games will go a long way to ensuring you understand the data we need collected.

Now, if you're still reading and are interested in this project, please take the time to fill out the <a href="http://www.eafootballtalentscout.com" target="_new">online registration form</a>.

EA SPORTS will be reading all applications and getting in contact with the people we feel best suit the projects on offer."</i>

As the email says you can complete the registration form <a href="http://www.eafootballtalentscout.com" target="_new">here</a>. If you have ever wanted to contribute to FIFA this is your chance.