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FC Porto Thread [2013-2014]

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Mus;3679503 said:
Armed and Unstoppable
True story for Sevilla, almost for Liverpool :browsmiley:

Time for a new season thread: the sooner we scratch this catastrophy from our memories the better.
Just out of curiosity, here is the final count of goals/assists:

Carlos*son 29/2
Josué 5/12
Varela 11/5
Quaresma 9/3
Danilo 4/6
Carlos Eduardo 5/4
Lucho 4/4
Ghilas 4/4
Mangala 5/1
Licá 4/2
Quintero 4/2
Herrera 3/1
Ricardo 2/1
Kelvin 1/2
Defour 1/2
Fernando 1/2
Alex Sandro 0/3
Otamendí 1/1
Maicon 1/1
Fucile 0/1

No matter how poorly he's played this season, Carlos*son still managed 29 goals..good man.

2014-2015 thread coming up!


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Scored a couple in the last games.

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