Faces by Monika


Youth Team
@Vonnyaf I tried, but the face doesn't look good in-game and I gave up.

Meanwhile, I've started doing Nemanja Nikolić's face. Something is wrong with hair texture in Fifa, but I'll fix it.


D Tom

Youth Team
I was wondering if you would think about doing Maciej Rybus' face? I know hee isn't in the Ekstraklasa, but he is Polish.


Reserve Team
Make players from Lech Poznań,Wisła Kraków and Jakub Świerczok from Górnik Łęczna. Z góry dzięki


Youth Team
Emilijus Zubas Work in progress
<div style="height:560px;width:400px;overflow:hidden;"><iframe class="frame" style="height:104%;width:115%;margin-top:-3%;margin-left:-8%;" src="https://p3d.in/e/UYnm5+spin" frameborder="0" seamless allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen></iframe></div>


Youth Team
Fix the nose and will be nice.
Hair suggestion: i think his default hair is good, but if not use maybe Ramsey.