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Facemakers Archive *NO REQUESTS*


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Can anyone export the specific faces from Italian super patch by FIFAMANIA(I see there are so many nice faces as Diego Milito,Ambrosini,..etc..)


Club Supporter
the link works fine, type in the numbers on the left hand side above the green button "Скачать" - then press this button, and on the next page right click, click SAVE TARGET AS on the
"http://narod.ru/disk/5854398000/Italian Facepack (FIFAMANIA).rar.html" link - and booyah! serie a faces :)

Outsider 87

Starting XI
Mangiacapra;2627222 said:
Italian Facepack from Italian super patch by FIFAMANIA

Faces -

Doni Cristiano
Mutu Adrian
Pazzini Giampaolo
Ferrari Matteo
Milito Diego Alberto
Balotelli Barwuah Mario
Córdoba Iván Ramiro
Dacourt Olivier
Chiellini Giorgio
De Ceglie Paolo
Giovinco Sebastian
Legrottaglie Nicola
Marchisio Claudio
Mellberg Olof
Zebina Jonathan
Pandev Goran
Rocchi Tommaso
Ambrosini Massimo
Borriello Marco
Kaladze Kakhaber
Vučinić Mirko
Menez Jérémy
Dessena Daniele
Sánchez Alexis Alejandro

and other..
Please mod, delete the download link! We didn't give him the rights to do such a thing! Some of the faces are from facemakers here, some other not. However we did not give him the rights to do it!
The faces are easy to export from the patch given that they are all in the same zdata, the zdata_50. So no need to make such a pack without asking permission!
Next time mangiacapra send the files to whoever you want, but don't put a download link here or somewhere else!

Outsider 87

Starting XI
TeneCee;2627957 said:
Not good facepack , many 08 textures
FIFA changes, but facemaker category remains always the same... This is the only category I have seen in the years where editers (master facemaker I suppose, EA SPORTS facemaker maybe) has a great supponence, arrogance over other editers. This is not good for the fifa world!
Moreover this is the thread for the archive...nobody asked you comments about facepack (because also nobody should have made a pack like this!). Nobody opened a thread with his creations, so why such a stupid comment?
And FIFA 08 textures, if were made good and in 2g, can be good also for FIFA 09. I don't really see all this shame!
Moreover with this sentence you made offense to your work (that is in the patch) and that of other facemakers here.
However, another time: he didn't have the right to do such a thing, so simply forget it! I will forget your stupid comment!

If you want respect for your work, respect the work of others!

Outsider 87

Starting XI
maradonalopez;2630771 said:
sorry Outsider 87 very much :(
It is not your fault mate. Next time send me a PM and I will send you the zdata ;)
When you want something from fifamania, ask me :) I'm quite always available ;)


Fan Favourite
Outsider 87;2630772 said:
It is not your fault mate. Next time send me a PM and I will send you the zdata ;)
When you want something from fifamania, ask me :) I'm quite always available ;)

Thanks Outsider 87,I repesct yours and other's work.I promise not make mistake again.
sorry again :)