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Face Converted by Molchat Doma (Faces that no one asked for)


Club Supporter
In this thread I will upload faces from FIFA 16 that I have managed to convert with the support of some members of the forum and also with the support of people who are willing to support the FIFA 16 community. The faces are converted with the Tokke tool and in your mostly from FIFA 22 and now from PES 2021, so some textures won't be the best, but I hope interested people can download them.

*NOTE* Please take 5 minutes to read this. Because it will be useful to you sometime if you don't get what you want)

A.- In this thread you will find mostly players who do not belong to the world elite, from time to time there will be future promises of great teams in Europe, but that will be punctual, so in this thread you will not find the Gavis, the Pedris, the Bellinghams or Camavingas of tomorrow, and you won't find players from TOP leagues or their updates, so whether to ask about Vinícius with his new haircut, Erling Haaland with his Greta Thunberg-style cut or Messi with his Miami look, definitely, you will not find it here (I clarify it in case you ask me about that type of player and I don't, you already know the reason that there are so many great faces of them made by talented facemakers, that honestly and since there are a large number I have no interest in converting them since, as I say, those of the other facemakers are better)

B.- I accept suggestions (obviously taking point A into account) and if you have the player files much better, the conversion will be easier and faster.

C.- Also take the time to support the work of the facemakers, most of them have been kind enough to share their faces so it doesn't cost you anything to support them or share their work. Without them this would not be possible. (:

A special thanks to King AJ who motivated me to upload the faces, and to all the creators of tools and plugins that make modding easy on a day to day basis.


1. Santiago Giménez - Cruz Azul, MX (currently plays for Feyenoord in the Netherlands)

Converted from FO4.

Santiago Giménez.png

santiago gimenez
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