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-Man-;2723708 said:
gibson patch!!


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very good patches

i wanna make request for your patches before because i cant download thats from filefront.the file is unavaialable or deleted already.

my request is
michael carrick - manutd
jermaine pennant - realzaragoza(i think)
fernando gago - real madrid
zoran tosic - manutd

and cant wait for new patches release
nemanja vidic - manutd
santon - internazionale

and wanna make new request
-ben foster
-antonio valencia(all from manutd)



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I'm from fifather forums, but I'm not Korean.
I found on the site,you haven't upload some faces you have made, but upload on soccergaming.I really want them, they are good, but I am a new comer,the link doesn't work now.I want the face as follows,plz reupload and someone has them,help me also.THX.
Including:Mirallas, Llorente and Zaki,Di Maria facepack...


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please post download for facepack(tasci,trejo,pennant,adrien silva .....) in sendspace and make felipe melo ,boriello,plessis(Y)(Y)(Y)thx thx thx pls pls pls pls