FA Prem League TV MOney Shared Equally


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Whelan wants TV money to be shared equally

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan wants to see television money more evenly distributed between Premiership clubs.

The English top flight is set for a cash bonanza due to a new deal totalling around £2.3billion that comes into effect next term.

Leading clubs are set for a bigger slice of this lucrative pie due to the prospect of being shown more often on television.

But Whelan said in the Daily Mirror: 'I think the cash is being distributed wrongly. It should be like rugby league where clubs get an equal amount and don't get extra for being on live TV games, it is shared around.

'I go along with the top four getting more money, but there should be better incentives for the rest.

'The likes of us, Bolton, Blackburn and Charlton are all having to drop our prices to get extra people in, so if they want proper competition they have to even out the TV payments.

'We have those at the top who will run away from the rest and that will never be any good for the game. I would rather have it where every team is pushing and in with a chance of Europe.'

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My Opinion: I kinda agree, i think this money should be taken advantage of and make the whole league stronger where teams not named Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, have chances to make the Champions League. A More competitive league would also be better (competitive meaning more teams in the title race) yeah u can argue the reason the prem has those 2.3 billion is because of those clubs .


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Definietly. More money to teams shown live, means the gap between the stronger and weaker will only get bigger. Its not like United, Chelsea, Liverpool really need that much cash, more than teams like Sheffield United, Wigan, Fulham etc. If richer teams get even more money, than there will virtually be no chance for smaller teams to ever brake through that glass ceiling unless some rich millionaire buys them.


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The money need to be spread evenly, otherwise the premiership will end up as a joke, at the moment I've noticed that the gap between the top and bottom teams is much bigger than the other leagues apart from Italy. The big teams are winning far too many games at the moment,If this continues to get worse fans will lose interest.


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Whelan can be a right sh*t stirrer but he very much has a point. As Dipset pointed out, the only TV monetary advantages should come with playing in Europe, seems logical.