F03 faces


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Hi to everyone! Fifa Online 3 faces are perfectly compatible with Fifa 13..only hair works perfectly in Fifa 14..because I don't know editing, you can try to convert F03 head models to be compatible with Fifa 14 ! So we can use them and we don't use anymore Fifa 15/Fifa 16 converted faces that in game have creepy noses..in this thread (http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190952&page=4) tokke001 has kindly provided to us the link to download all F03 files (including face, hair, body, ecc..); so you can try to examine them and try to convert ! I already used Fifa 13 to Fifa 14 head converter, but it doesn't work (perhaps because I have not been able to use it or the tool needs some modification to be able to work with F03 faces).