Euro 2004 Multimedia Thread

Matt Holme

Post all new screenshots and videos you find for Euro 2004 in this thread. We used the same system for FIFA 2004 before it was released and it saved us from having to sift through hundreds of individual threads for new screenshots and videos.

Other than this, feel free to start new topics in this forum as you see fit. But before you do, be sure to search just incase your question has already been answered.


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Just to get us started off...
Its looking really good.


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More than 600 Euro 2004 PC Screenshots

Hello everybody!

G4mers Magazine Online Launch today, the first Euro 2004 PC Preview with more than 600 images in-game. Whe also publish the Xbox and PlayStation 2 previews.

You can see our large gallery here:

G4mers PC Gallery

Look the keeper...



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Houston... whe have launch our Exclusive Euro 2004 Preview :crazyboy:

If you like a good exclusive football images, look this and see all the Euro 2004 preview and interviews.


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Wow there are many stadiums but no pictures of Nuo Camp, Bernabeau, Highbury, Olympic stadion (munich), Stamford Bridge.

Instead there are random stadiums like Mestella, Lens, Parc de Princess. which leads me to say WTF EA.