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Lev Yashin (USSR) - Preview
by EgorPl


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Facepack #4 - Release
by EgorPl
LINK ---->

_________..:Face List:.._________

Acevedo Gerson - Fc Ural

Griezmann Antoine - Athletico Madrid

Kroos Felix - Werder Bremen

Granat Vladimir - Dinamo Moskva

Bale Gareth - Real Madrid

Pato Alexandro - São Paulo (Free agents)

Neymar - Fc Barcelona
Is it possible to re-upload the file? Link doesn't connect.
If someone else has it, please upload it. ㅠ.ㅠ

King AJ

Senior Squad
thanks , do you have the data file (base) of Fifa 15 ? I replaced the base data of fifa 15 with another data which contains legends but i don't know that some face of Legends are hidden in the base data of fifa 15 . Now i want to get the data file ( no adjust) of fifa 15 back . i can't delete the game because i applied many faces in this game
sorry ,No.

Van gol

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Does any one know how to fix the chest ? It is always stretching out of the shirts . FACE MASTER always appear this image after I chose Open FIFA 15 and there was no " open select all " like the creation master . Or please someone fix these faces chest please . the link of these faces is

Thanks alot for helping me !!!


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