EEP Euro 2020


Senior Squad

  • added missing Euro 2020 and Playoff teams (teams like Croatia, Belarus, Bosnia or Israel)
  • created new tournament structure -> 2 playoffs stages, 6 groups etc. like in real life!
  • whole menu reworked with EURO theme
  • EURO 2020 scoreboard, trophy, outfit of warmup outfit, dynamic adboards and many more details ;)
  • renamed and overworked EA stadiums to match EURO 2020 stadiums (they also appear on the groups/stages like irl)
  • updated banner, flags, logos, squads for EACH team
  • updated kits for most of the teams
  • available in each FIFA language (also new nationalteams have the names of the language)
  • updated referees and their kits -> also 3 german referees with real faces!
  • if you got eliminated from the tour. you can sim to the finals (something thats not possible in vanilla fifa - LOL)
  • SlimsModServer to assign faces

Download: 20/

There is a "how to" inside the download..


Youth Team
Will you guys update the EURO 2020 squads when they are released next year and make NTs (even the ones that failed to qualify) use 23 players numbered 1-23 only?