Edit Mode Crash


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i recently purchased fifa 16 and installed the official patch first patch

the game was running fine edit mode included so i installed regularcats (sp? sorry) licenced teams and comp logos and rev mod beta but as soon as i regenerate using either i68 or CG explorer the game crashes when i try to enter edit player or create player in the main menus

i have tried rev mod with the sceneassets folders set as default i didnt add a thing the only other thing i installed the full fifa 16 db that a user on here posted

anyone know why my game hangs in them sections? thanks in advance


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You have to troubleshoot, one step at a time, uninstall all mods, make sure the default game works, load rc mod, make sure it works, load whatever mod is next, make sure it works, etc...


Youth Team
thanks for the reply bangus i will go through it bit by bit and post back results if i do not manage to resolve it


Youth Team
think i found the possible causes first deleted the previous version of i68 inc the documents folder ini ect then deleted the database being shared on here and extracted a fresh one using CG explorer then dl new version of i68

tested each mod one by one and so far no crash in edit/create player thanks bangus i know i should have tried this before stupid of me but hope this helps anyone else with the same issues


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Hey guys, I am new to all these forums and patches so I needed a favor if you guys could help me?
I wanted to know if I purchase the original fifa 16 deluxe edition from origin or on dvd format, then will all these moddingway patches work on my fifa 16. Am I still going to be able to play the game online on FUT?
Please help..