Duong's face thread


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thanks, lol...
anyway, if you want to check out the first previews of my second super facepack, look at page 28 and be sure to give me some comments ;)


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welcome back
robben is not good
dont look like really robben and kaka too
make riquelme face and adriano and more
but great face


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ok mate, I need good pics to make a good Robben face, but Kaka was just an update from the old one I made before, which you guys complimented.
btw, the second previews, comment please !
If you need real pics to compare, just ask me.


WOW Duong, I am also face maker, but really your you are the best face maker in the world man, your faces are brilliant, super realists and detailed. Great work Duong, follows this way my friend, being the best in this business.
A hug :rockman:


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very good work !
Your facepack is superbe !
Can you make Beckham hair Update ??!!



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Hey guys, I'm back just for a bit to post here a good news for you.
My Second SUPER FACEPACK is being worked in progress and is nearly finished, here I post a previews of the facepack, including :
- Alexei Smertin ( Chelsea )
- Wilfred Bouma ( PSV Eindhoven )
- Maniche ( FC Porto )
- Cristiano Ronaldo ( Manchester United )
- Paulo Ferreira ( Chelsea )
- Patrick Kluivert ( with new hairstyle and new face texture ) ( Newcastle )
- Ryan Giggs ( Manchester United )
- Gabriel Heinze ( Manchester United )
- Kolo Toure ( Arsenal )
- Rio Ferdinand ( textures update ) ( Manchester United )
- Frank Lampard ( Chelsea )
- Shay Given ( Newcastle )
- Petr Cech ( .o file update ) ( Chelsea )
- Steven Gerrard ( hair update ) ( Liverpool )
- Kaka ( AC Milan )
The facepack also includes some faces which haven't been finished yet but will be as soon as possible. Those are :
- Demetrio Albertini ( Barcelona )
- Maris Verpakovskis ( Don't know his club hehe )
- Didier Drogba ( Chelsea )

*Lighten the picture if you want to see the details.
**This facepack will be released as soon as I come back ( should be June 2nd )
***Be sure to leave here a comment even if I'm not here until late May or June.

See you in the summer.