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[DOWNLOAD] Jeet's Graphics Package


Fan Favourite
some screens(v 11.02) (release on 22/01/15)

edit: released! check the first post!







Fan Favourite
released v 11.07!

i would request all guys using my patch to upgrade to this version as it is a graphic-enhanced version!

i include here one screenshot of hazard!

(also added to first page)

this version contains all updates including:-
-Hd grass including 3D feel in cutscenes
-enhanced individuality in players
-lighter bright BPL turfs
-more accurate lighting & colors

& all effects of earlier versions!

do check this one out!:)


Club Supporter
Does anyone here know how to changed generic hair at career mode????
I want to used Ronaldo hair or other hair style. Generic hair that provided from fifa was boring. I hope someone can make a new generic hair patch styles like ronaldo,aguero and others player hair style that look more funky/style and so on.


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update: v 11.44 release!
true grass edition!
check it out!

released v 11.42!

release details & screenshots in the first page!

i hope all of you like this version!

edit: v 11.43 screenshot!:D

(finally got barcelona playing like they should!)



Fan Favourite
released v 11.59!

unfortunately,while posting i lost some of the previous versions.
but i believe this is the best version
and contains all features of previous versions!

don't forget to apply the face updates via CM14!
also don't forget to use nextgen sliders!

enjoy the NEXTGEN experience!


Club Supporter
Hi everyone! Couldnt make a thread.. Got a question about FIFA14, if I buy the pc game, can i play it through origins if i register my cdkey there without having to need the dvd for the game everytime? My laptop(Tv-out) does not have a dvd-rom.


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gora17891;3788683 said:
hey there is graphics mod for FIFA 15 from you ?

no..not at the moment!:)

edit: raw screenshot(latest version)of enhanced graphic!


applied nextgen lighting,enhance crowd graphic,nextgen player graphic.



Fan Favourite
released v 10.85.

after many minutes of hard work..:)

managed to alter gameplay to give a more realistic feel..
got rid of the rigid player individualism a bit..

obiviously graphics are updated with a major improvement in dry and overall graphic
as well as updates to pitchcolor and how it is rendered..
you will feel more natural grass colors..

feel free to comment:)


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sorry bro..my notebook does not meet the requirements for fifa 15..:(

you could check out moddingway for some nice fifa 15 pitch mods..


Club Supporter
it cant save setting for control?
i dont like to play keyboard+mouse method..
just prefer to play keyboard method only...
anyone know how to setting it?
thank you..
sory bad english :)