[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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GIGGIRIVA;3577976 said:
Someone know logo of Romania 1934 shirt?

I found this. No other images this crest.



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GIGGIRIVA;3577903 said:
Hi.... i've make only one tournement..... for create it i've create with CM14 a new nation (called WORLD CUP) in UEFA... and i make the WC 1930 like old CM..... I don't know if is playble in career.... i play career rarely.... last career was in fifa 09 or fifa 10.... i prefer play tournemets or friendly..

thanks man you are very helpful it's a pleasure to meet italian support i hope you could solve your family problems good luck


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I don't have a PC to play this game however I admire the work and would like to try and help what things do u need I can help u with moroccan player squad stats for 1970, 1986, 1994 & 1998.