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[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

Discussion in 'FIFA 14 Mods, Patches and Total Conversions' started by GIGGIRIVA, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. robeskimo

    robeskimo Youth Team


    GIGGIRIVA Starting XI

    Thanks. Kit now is done :)
  3. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    Giggi I cant download the patch through mediafire, since the file is quite large the download gets aborted due to a network error. Please upload the club version in torrent file. Thx in advance
  4. V.K

    V.K Starting XI

    Still trying to figure this out. Anyone can help?
  5. marcas

    marcas Youth Team

    You should probably check the tournaments tab.
    What you have changed is the "league" table, and not the tournament/cup.
  6. V.K

    V.K Starting XI

    Yeah that must be it, but where do I find that?
    In CM14 tournaments tab only contains FIFA14 default tournaments, not the Classic Patch ones.
  7. marcas

    marcas Youth Team

    I am not familiar with the structure of the classic patch, but I know that the tournaments in the "tournaments tab" should be organized by country. So you'll have to check the league to see what "country" it belongs to - and then look under that structure tree in the tournaments tab.
  8. V.K

    V.K Starting XI

    Yeah I checked that but everything looks like default countries without anything resembling the Classic Patch.
  9. marcas

    marcas Youth Team

    Now as I said, I haven't studied the structure of the classic patch, so I could be wrong here... But having a quick look, my CM looks like this (see attachment).

    Attached Files:

  10. V.K

    V.K Starting XI

    Yeah that one would be editable, but mine looks like this for some reason:

  11. marcas

    marcas Youth Team

    Looks like you haven't installed the patch correctly.
  12. V.K

    V.K Starting XI

    Oh yeah. I installed it using File Loader and now CM doesn't load those files.
    Any idea which files in the Classic Patch I should edit to change tournament names?
  13. marcas

    marcas Youth Team

    FYI here's a short extract from the Classic patch readme:
    The league and tournament structures are within the files of these folders. The names is most likely stored in the language database (\FIFA 14\Game\data\loc\eng_us.db).
    Idk what the "file loader" is, but in my classic patch I got these two files:

    - dlc - CLUBS.rar
    - dlc - NATIONS.rar

    Try to reinstall, or copy the files manually and regenerate. Then try Creation Master again.
  14. Wujek

    Wujek Senior Squad

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