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[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

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Starting XI
The 2 Tottenham of Ross are added?
I still haven't had the chance to look at the quality, the fidelity in the details... I don't have the time and also little motivation now. If it's 2000s shirts then I won't even look yet. I'm so tired that I'm also putting aside the ACICOG material and focusing only on Tony's. If a lot of material from the 2000s were to arrive, I might consider including them in 2025 and focus only and exclusively on the 90s. I NEED to make 90s teams. I need it to have future opportunities and above all because I don't want to stay in the 2000s.


Club Supporter
Hello, If I'm not mistaken Barcelona 06-07 didn't have a green gk kit as shown in the patch. Valdes most frequently used (but I'm not sure if it was the home gk kit) a blue kit with black shorts and socks so I decided to make it.


  • barcelona gk kit blue2.png
    barcelona gk kit blue2.png
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  • barca gk legs4.png
    barca gk legs4.png
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