Dodaki by Paweł 2010

Paweł 2010

Starting XI
Hi,my name is Paweł .I want present my faces here.;)
My first facepack :


Team Captain
Good start man,don't know this players but I know Krivets very good-he is from my country and his model needs update-looks too modric


Club Supporter
Guys, I'm from Poland and i I know these players well, and I will tell you that one big guy did nothing. The whole lies on the texture and the lack of similarity. See the work of Mike, Ares and Kristof are only facemaker's!

Brasilia - 0% similarity, weak tex., Looks like it was dying. 1 / 10.
Zakrzewski - a relative of Brasilia? 1% similarity, weak tex., Chbya burned at the solarium 1.5/10
Straka - tex. somehow the presents, and the model does not even deigned to touch. 2.5/10
Rybus - 0% similarity, tex. perhaps even from EA. 1 / 10
Kašćelan - same as before, the lack of any similarity, without hair real Colin Farrell ... 1 / 10
Andreu - of course tex. and likeness of limp, unless he was on the Solarc Zakrzewski. 1.5/10
Kriwec - tex. weak, his nose to mouth pushes, the lack of similarity. 1.5/10
Lukjanovs - to see you often and consider the similarity of 1.5% but it is not enough to get good scores, so the 2 / 10
D. Smith - Lord, and Photoshop is stolen? 1 / 10
Isajlovic - It looks like a fashion, but a weak screen to really evaluate. 3 / 10
Maycon - Here and Photoshop and Oedita stolen. 1 / 10
Iwanski - Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, Texture, MODEL, MODEL, MODEL. What? 1 / 10!

Vote: 1/10