Do you know the “grease” in Fifa 14?


Club Supporter
This has been getting me mad for long. I thought I could fix it by buying a faster machine. Now I have one, still the problem is there.

It is the following: From time, in particular when having played for long, with higher probability when there is rain, the game gets into this “greasy” mode. It also happens after a while in games where I use my gamepad more “heavily” (more sprints, more tackling). My players behave as if they were walking through grease. When I try to move my players they react slowly. In particular, quick movements, like when dribbling, are almost impossible. The quota of passes right into the opponent’s feet goes up. Sometimes a Windows restart helps, but not always.

When playing a career, and when I’m unlucky, I get heavy rain for the hardest game in the season, like when in the ECL final against Barcelona or something like that (you get the point, rain + heavy use of the gamepad), there’s no escape.

It’s not always like that. I may have played dozens of games just fine, and suddenly it comes.

Has anyone out there found out how to get rid of this effect? Maybe there’s a Fifa or Windows performance / graphics setting that does the trick?