Disposition of Custom Faces

Scott Adkins

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Hi, guys.
4 years passed since release of FIFA 16. Thanks to everyone (@Lagwagon) who is still trying to keep this game alive. But looks like many players already lost interest to this game and play latest version of FIFA.
So, guess, it's time to make some disposition of my FIFA 16 faces collection.
Faces in this thread havn't been done by me, so all of them will be posted with credits to the authors. I hope, the authors won't be angry on me, but i believe that I have rights to do so.

PS. If anybody have Anwar El Ghazi face convertion, share it please.

Scott Adkins

Club Supporter
Dzyuba - Igboun - Ingason - Nababkin - Tosic
Credits to @Alex94 aka Kasat. Thank you very much one more time for these awesome faces