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Demo Menu Problems


Club Supporter
hey guys...i was wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem. when i try to play the demo, all the options on the menus keep changing by themselves. ie. at the team select screen, the teams keep changing from manure to psg to barca to AC so i cant even select a team.

its all seeming really weird to me


Club Supporter
Found it!

Well after a little experementation ive worked out how to fix this problem....

Here it is step by step....

1) Open up Fifa 06 demo, then minimise it (ALT+ TAB)

2) Press start and then go into the control pannel

3) go to performance and maintainance..... then system

4) a box should pop up, click on the hardware tab

5) open up the device manager

6) click the + next to "Human Interface Devices"

7) now its down to tiral and error keep on disableing things and swiching bettween fifa06 and the device manager, eventually you will disable the ting causing the problem. (just remember not to disable your keyboard and mouse)

for myself i disabled everything bar by usb keyboard and mouse and the demo worked perfectly......

p.s some of the steps in this guide may be different for others as ppl have different versions of xp and different menu set-ups bu aslong as you can get the device manager up you can work fro step (6)

If you need any more info just ask!

I found this on Ea Forum!


Club Supporter
Had the same problem when using my wireless mouse (usb) and keyboard (ps/2).
So i used the usb.to.ps/2 converter for the mouse and it now works fine


Reserve Team
This has happened to me since in installed my logitech cordless mouse/keyboard. Disabling devices didnt work so like you Olympiakos7 I have tried to go back to ps2 but the keyboard or mice isnt working. When I plug the USB back in I can look at the hardware/devices tab and the ps2 device has the yellow problem icon, did you have this problem and how did you get around it?


Youth Team
I have around 10 usb devices plugged in, i diabled the main ones being discussed in this thread, cordless mouse keyboard etc, but these were not the problem, my USB keyboard and mouse, and my MX1000 mouse (both mice are instaled 1 for generral use and the other for gaming), do not affect the demo scrolling problem, i have whittled the problem down to my HDTV USB infared remote, and possibly one other which i have yet to identifiy

for the record my USB devices are as follows

Logitech MX500 mouse
Logitech MX 1000 mouse (USB to ps2)
wolfclaw keyboard
logitech rummble pad x 2
logitech cordless joystick
motorola phone tools
PDA (active sync)
lexmark printer
gamevioce sound hub
HDTV remote infa red (now disabled)


Club Supporter
THX YOU TO MUCH YOU ARE MY SAVIOR, searching 3 days for this already thx alot love ya LOLZZ


Dennis De Weerdt