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-daugaard- football thread


Youth Team
can you help me make this ball?



Reserve Team
I will look at it... What is the ball called? And do you have more pictures of it? Other angels....

The textures can be found in a foder in GWiDON's great "Ball Revolution 2005" after installation.

Thanks GWiDON ! Love it too....


Reserve Team
Because Brøndby IF became the new danish champions 04/05 I have made this hummel ball.
CONGRATULATIONS BRØNDBY.... And Michael Laudrup... Great Coach!

Chears! :ewan:


Youth Team
Hey daugaard I'm having a problem, I'm using ball rev but when i import the ball nothing happens, each time I play a game it just uses the old ball that I had down for it b4. Any hints?


Reserve Team
Red_devils:..... No sorry... But I think Dart Wagner have done it. When I see it I will post it here.

Mikas:..... I have had the same problem. But just reinstall Ballrevolution again. Remember to make a copy of Ballrev dir in fifa2005 dir. Just incase!
It worked for me. :bouncy:

The ball creation have not been my priority for a long time, but I will soon take on the challenge once again soon..... Cheers mates!