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He seems not bad...


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Scott Adkins

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what ????
im laughing hard
do you mean the real player social media ?
is he reply you ?
sorry bro for my dirty mouth
i dont mean it
cause im just want to be realistis,
im think about how many fans send him a message, he have no time to read it

sorry, at least you make me laugh and fun
Yes, it was just a joke. I just meant that players changes hairstyle every day. And it's not possible to keep them all updated.


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Huddlestone,Willian or Marcelo...I'll try one of this..I updated Luis Alberto (Lazio) with blonde hair too ;-)

Hello mate ! it's okay for me felipe anderson, even if the hair is longer. Where can I download Luis Alberto with blond hair? I would also like to have Lucas Leiva too. If you want I send you the photos? Thanks again ! You made me really happy!