Daniels's Graphics


Youth Team
Some adboards maybe to complete the graphic pack? At least for the top teams or generic for the Romanian League...


Reserve Team
it's useless because you can't assign specifica adboard to a specific team. there are just a couple of fifa teams with dedicated adboards IDs.

fc petrolul

salut! felicitari ptr creatii( banners) ! le pot folosi si eu ptr patch -ul ce adauga fifa 20 in FIFA 11-by tokke001 ...(mai precis sa le convertesc ptr FIFA 11)?

fc petrolul

multumesc! vezi ca la Sepsi ...al-2-lea banner ...cel visiniu(SGS)...e al formatiei Sf-Gheorghe Suruceni din R.Moldova...nu de alta...se si impaca moldovenii cu ungurii:boxing:...:innocent_smile_1::innocent_smile_1: