Damn it, I ain't got no God damn tre fitty


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Is it just my imagination or are Juve already declared champions of Serie A? I was just wondering, and thought I'd remind a lot of people at the start of the year who were claiming this was Inter's year bla bla bla, and then just the other week how Inter were back and Juve would decline, bla bla bla.

Well, I have one thing to say, I ain't got no God damn tre fitty for Inter or any Inter fan.

Oh yes, Cassano is still crap. :lui:

I wouldn't even pay tre fitty for Cassano.

Loch Ness Monster > Cassano.

This editorial may be very non sensical in that it aint exactly a piece of prose but the sentiment remains:

Juve > Inter > Loch Ness Monster > :sb9: > Roma


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It's not like the Eredivisie has had many different champions in recent years, and it's not like they often won by a large margin wasnt it :rolleyes: :p