Custom Adboards Loader


By default, in FIFA 08 you can assign adboards only to specific teams.
This plugin gives an ability to assign adboards to specific competitions and teams (+ competition/team combination).
This can be configured in plugins/CustomAdboards.cfg file (can be edited in Notepad).

Also, the plugin gives an ability to change the number of ads on adboards texture. In default game, there are 3 ads on one texture.
The plugin changes this number to 16 (like in modern FIFA games).

So with this change, you can now use FIFA Manager 22 stadiums in FIFA 08 (but you will also need to update banner textures, because they were changed in FM 22 too).
If you want to keep the default behaviour, open plugins/CustomAdboards.ini in Notepad and change NUM_ADBOARD_SLOTS parameter from 16 to 3. You will also need to remove new adboard texture files (t223__*.fsh in data/assets), which are made in new "16-slot" format.

Install by copying folders to your game folder
Requires FIFA 08 Asset Loader
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